Do You Work in the Oil Industry?

J & W is proud to repair parts and machines for Gladewater, TX

You expect a lot from your machines – and your supervisors expect a lot from your crew. When mechanical failures put the brakes on production, contact J & W Machine Shop. We’re based in Gladewater, Texas, but we repair parts and equipment for customers throughout the region. When necessary, we’ll conduct on-site consultations. Call us at 903-720-4468 for more information about our rates and services.

Our Gladewater specialists can:

  • Source ST 80 parts – we specialize in fixing drilling pipes.
  • Replace and rework JOULES equipment – we’ll work efficiently to resolve engineering issues.
  • Repair Hub Oil equipment – don’t put the safety of your team at risk. Let experts analyze known problems.

3 reasons to trust J & W’s mechanics

For decades, J & W has diligently serviced and repaired oil drilling machinery. Here are three reasons to choose our Gladewater, TX machine shop:

  1. We offer a 10% discount to clients who mention our website
  2. We’re part of an oil manufacturing network and can find most parts
  3. We’ll provide a thorough repair quote before starting the job

Make the right repair decision. Hire J & W Machine Shop today.